Gasket Factors "M" and "Y"

“M” and “Y” data are to be used for flange designs only as specified in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Division 1, Section VIII, Appendix 2. They are not meant to be used as gasket seating stress values in actual service. Our bolt torque tables give that information and should be used as such.

“M” – Maintenance Factor

A factor that provides the additional preload needed in the flange fasteners to maintain the compressive load on a gasket after internal pressure is applied to a joint.
M = (W – A2P) / A1P

Where: W = Total Fastener force (Ib. or N)
2 2 A = Inside area of gasket (in. or mm ) 2
2 P = Test pressure (psig or N/mm )
2 2 A = Gasket area (in. or mm ) 1

“Y” -Minimum Design Seating Stress

The minimum compressive stress in pounds per square inch (or bar)
on the contact area of the gasket that is required to provide a seal at an
the internal pressure of 2 psig (0.14 bar).
Y= W / A1