PTFE Enveloped Gaskets

Polytetrafluorethylene ( PTFE) Envelope Gaskets are used for sealing all acid and caustic media PH 0-14, with the gasket material being used as a filter gasket. envelope gaskets, resistant to virtually all chemicals and exhibiting excellent non-stick properties. No risk of process contamination, provided by strict process control and manufactured by Q-GER.
Envelope Gasket using Compressed Non-Asbestos Fiber Sheet and Flexible Graphite in the core. Common uses for PTFE Envelope Gaskets and materials below.

  • Food & Chemical Industries
  • Piping service
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • General purpose for glass line industry.

The PTFE envelopes are available in standard and non-standard dimensions with us.
PTFE envelope gaskets are available in the following configurations: